Maja's turning 24.

You know what that means.

7.09 – 7.12

Wait what does that mean?
It means you're about to make some bad decisions, starting with
Thursday 7.09 — The Polk Street Bar Crawl

Armed with a map and a dream, we're hitting Polk Street, Marina-style. So pump some iron and get those yoga pants on, ladies and gents, because it's about to get SWOLE.

We're not going to work in the morning.
Why should you?

8 PM
Harper & Rye
Yoga Bros & Crossfit Hos
If it's not on Facebook, it didn't happen
And keeping your streak going with
Friday 7.10 — Someone Else's House Party

Drank too much on Thursday and now you just can't make it into work?
Join us for brunch in Dolores Park. We'll make sure not to tag you on social media.

But don't get too complacent. You've gotta to get your shitty Burning Man outfit together for a psychedelic preburn at Mary Kathryn the Great's abode.

Dolores Park

8 PM
3811 24th St, Apt C
Shitty Burning Man
Don't be a San Francisco yes
and we cannn't stop, and we wonnn't stop
Saturday 7.11 — Dear Mom, I'm So Sorry

We'll be serving OJ+*, bacon, scones and more at this home-cooked brunch. Rest, recover, and rejoice for there's still one more night of party ahead of you.

Saturday night will be the main event and a formal affair, so dress UP and get DOWN. We've rented the bar, we're ready to rage, and we're #notsorry.

2708 1/2 Bryant St.

9 PM
Dear Mom
Black tie
Better than Bootie
life after party: 10 ways you know you've made it
Sunday 7.12 — "I'm never drinking again"

Join us for the weekly congregation of the Church of Brunch. No, we're not going to take a week off just because we can't remember the last time we were sober. Yes, we are going to have goodie bags for those of you who make it this far.

<3<3<3 Wind down the weekend with some mimosas and greasy food because YOU ARE A STAR.

11 AM
The Willows
To the birthday girl!

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Yeah you do.

Check back to figure out how you can subscribe to periodic updates about where the party's at. There will be no way to unsubscribe. You're in it to win it.
See you there!